Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby McCrary #3 Update - Long Overdue!

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago at 24 weeks. Yes, I was thinking what I
look like I'm thinking, "Get this picture taken and over with!"

I haven't given a baby bump update since we were 12 weeks pregnant back in January, so I thought it was about time that I give one. We are now 26 weeks along and doing great. We do not find out the gender when we are expecting, so you'll have to keep making your guesses. For us, there is nothing like waiting until that surreal moment to also find out what God has blessed us with. However, I am confident that we will be loving all over a new, beautiful, bundle of pink in July. I just have a very strong feeling about this. So, it this baby is a boy, I will be totally shocked and surprised. We are just so thrilled to be adding to our family!

The girls love to kiss and hug on the baby and Elaina's new favorite quote is exclaiming (while looking at my belly), "Wow, Mommy, the baby's really growing! It's really getting big!" Thanks, Elaina. :) Elaina will be a big help just like she was for me when we brought Emily home.
Emily is going to be a super involved "Mommy." She loves to mother other babies and her baby dolls. She is very sweet and loving.

As far as how this third pregnancy is treating me . . . it hasn't really been very different from my previous pregnancies. I am definitely not getting around as gracefully as I did with my first two though. My lower back pain at night has started sooner with this pregnancy, and I definitely started showing a bump much sooner with this one as well. Of course, this is my third, and the doctor warned me that all of this would happen. I really love being pregnant. I consider it a true blessing, and I have always been blessed with pregnancies that haven't given me complications. We are down to 14 weeks and one long, hot summer though! Fourteen weeks doesn't sound like a lot, but when you're that far along, huge, and have two energetic toddlers to keep up with, it seems a long, long, long way away. As far as heart rates have gone, they have been in the same range as my two girls. They have been anywhere from the mid-high 140s and lower 150s.

We are looking very forward to the next 3 months and eventually meeting our new, precious baby!
Baby McCrary #3 at 20 week ultrasound

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The Knight Family said...

Oh hi little precious baby!!! Can't wait to meet you in 14 short weeks!!!! Stephanie, you look great!!! Bummer about that back pain...not looking forward to that when it's time for #3, especially since it hasn't gone away yet! I'll be praying for you, love you!