Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Morning Donuts!

Earlier this week, Jill and I went to Sherwin-Williams to pick out some paint colors for the nursery at church. At the paint store, there was a little nook with some coffee and donuts. The nice associates offered the kids donuts, and of course, they accepted. Jill and I each had one, and we were sold. These donuts were so yummy! They are the best donuts in the area. They remind us of the donuts in Destin, FL, and those are the best donuts on the planet! After Jill and I left Sherwin-Williams and Kohl's, Jill went right over to the new bakery and bought a dozen for her family.

I told Jeff about these donuts, and we planned for a Saturday morning trip to the bakery. So, this morning, we literally got in the van in our pajamas as soon as we woke up and headed over to the bakery. On the way there, we asked Elaina what kind of donut she was going to get, and she proclaimed that she would be getting a BLUE donut. I was hoping that she wouldn't be too disappointed when we got to the bakery because I was not optimistic that there would be blue donuts available. Fortunately, there were PINK donuts! Both the girls were excited about the pink donuts with fall sprinkles. When the employee asked Elaina what she could get for her, Elaina held out her hand that had a quarter in it and told her she wanted a pink donut. So cute!

We picked out our dozen donuts and headed home. On the way home, I thought that I would tease Elaina and tell her that I couldn't wait to get home so that I could eat a pink donut. Elaina said, "No, Mommy. Those are my pink donuts. You eat Daddy's donuts." I replied, "So, you'll eat the pink donuts, and Mommy will eat Daddy's donuts. What will Emily eat?" Elaina quickly responded, "Crumbs." Nice. Real nice.

At the new bakery in our pajamas.

Elaina enjoying her yummy pink donut.

Emily knows what the best part is . . . the icing!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pacifier Free Emily!

What a big girl!

I forgot to post this last week, and I just have to share. We had a big accomplishment in our house last week . . . Emily got rid of her pacifier! She has only been using it at naptime and bedtime for several, several months now, but still, she was extremely dependent on it for those times.
We took Elaina's completely away from her at 14 months. I remember being 7 months pregnant with Emily at the time, and when Jeff got home from school that evening, I demanded Donatos pizza, breadsticks, a Coke, and a white cream filled caramel iced donut. I remember vividly it being a day and a half of no fun! That was all it took though, and it was over.
I ended up letting Emily have her pacifier a couple of months longer than Elaina because when Emily turned 14 months old, she was getting four teeth in at once, and we were getting ready to embark upon a 2600 mile roadtrip. Taking the pacifier away at that time just didn't seem to be such a good idea.

So, on Monday evening of last week, I realized that Emily was 16 months old, her chompers were in, and it was time to get rid of that thing. The first night, it took her an hour and a half of crying to fall asleep. Jeff was so wonderful and took care of constantly going in her bedtime and comforting her. The next day for nap, it took 50 minutes. That same day at bedtime it took 30 minutes. Then on Wednesday at naptime, it was over. She was asleep with no crying. Now, she still does wake up once in the night and struggles to get back to sleep, but we know if we stick to it, in time, that will pass too.
The day and a half of crying at bedtime and naptime was again well worth it. Our home is pacifier free again until it's time for another McCrary baby to be added to the household. We're so proud of our little Emily. She's becoming such a big girl!

Franklin Fall Festival 2008

On Saturday, we went downtown Franklin to the Franklin Fall Festival. There were a lot of fun things going on, and we had a great morning.

Elaina immediately spotted the street that was blocked off to host the dance and gymnastic teams from the area. She was so excited and loved every minute of it. She has become quite the little interpretive dancer/gymnast/ballerina around here lately. She didn't take her eyes off of all the girls performing. We would start to leave, and she would say, "Wait! There's one more t(c)omin'!" She replaces the "c" sound with the "t" sound a lot.

J.P. Parker is a floral company here in town with locally grown flowers, and I LOVE the sunflowers that they get in every year at this time. I never buy any for myself (and neither does my husband! :) ), so I was so excited when I looked down the street and saw that they were giving them away for FREE! It was so beautiful, and I wish that I had taken a picture of it. There were containers all through the middle of the street filled with beautiful sunflowers. It was gorgeous!

Next, we painted pumpkins, and that was free, too! It was so much fun. The girls each picked a pumpkin and painted it. They did such a great job!

We stopped by our church booth, too, and got balloons, cookies, and popcorn. The girls had a ball with their balloons.

We had such a great morning, and the weather was beautiful, too! We love our Saturdays together!

Emily and Elaina watching the gymnasts and dancers.

Elaina painting her pumpkin.

Our pretty sunflowers!

So proud of their painted pumpkins!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Our Week in Pictures

I just thought I would share some pictures from our week. We are so excited that October has finally arrived and FALL is here. Pumpkins, leaves, cool breezes, apples, warm blankets and pajamas, Daddy having a fall break from school, . . . the list goes on and on with the things we LOVE about fall. We hope you're enjoying your first little bit of fall, too!
On Tuesday, we spent the evening together as a family playing with Play-Doh.

Emily decided that it looked like it might taste yummy. Oops! We caught her just in time!

Elaina working on her Play-Doh necklace.

So proud!

We stayed in all day on Wednesday so that I could clean the house from top to bottom. That night after Jeff got home from a meeting a church, I met Jill at the new Kohl's that just opened in Franklin. Before I left, I gave the girls baths and had them all ready for bed. All they needed was to have their teeth brushed . . . does this sound familiar?

While Mommy was at Kohl's, Daddy became the Super Hero with bedtime Boston Red Sox hat wearing and miniature white powdered doughnuts. Did I mention that I had just spent the day cleaning the house from top to bottom? Yes, that would be our two daughters sitting on the kitchen floor (nice and clean, I might add) eating their powdered doughnuts.

On Thursday, Jill and her kids and Hilary and her daughter came over to play and have lunch. This is a picture of the girls standing at the door awaiting their friends' arrival. At this time I was saying, "Girls, Mommy just cleaned all of the fingerprints and kiss marks off of that glass door."

Elaina replies, "It's alright, Mommy. I'm washing it for you."

Elaina LOVES "Little Bear." Her sweet friend, Hannah, bought her this Little Bear with her very own piggy bank money. How sweet! (Notice her outfit. She likes to pick out her own clothes now, and on many days, she likes to layer!)

Thursday evening after dinner, I met a friend to have bagels and coffee. Jeff was working on putting Emily down to bed. When he was done, he noticed Elaina reading and snapped this picture. Elaina LOVES to read.