Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pacifier Free Emily!

What a big girl!

I forgot to post this last week, and I just have to share. We had a big accomplishment in our house last week . . . Emily got rid of her pacifier! She has only been using it at naptime and bedtime for several, several months now, but still, she was extremely dependent on it for those times.
We took Elaina's completely away from her at 14 months. I remember being 7 months pregnant with Emily at the time, and when Jeff got home from school that evening, I demanded Donatos pizza, breadsticks, a Coke, and a white cream filled caramel iced donut. I remember vividly it being a day and a half of no fun! That was all it took though, and it was over.
I ended up letting Emily have her pacifier a couple of months longer than Elaina because when Emily turned 14 months old, she was getting four teeth in at once, and we were getting ready to embark upon a 2600 mile roadtrip. Taking the pacifier away at that time just didn't seem to be such a good idea.

So, on Monday evening of last week, I realized that Emily was 16 months old, her chompers were in, and it was time to get rid of that thing. The first night, it took her an hour and a half of crying to fall asleep. Jeff was so wonderful and took care of constantly going in her bedtime and comforting her. The next day for nap, it took 50 minutes. That same day at bedtime it took 30 minutes. Then on Wednesday at naptime, it was over. She was asleep with no crying. Now, she still does wake up once in the night and struggles to get back to sleep, but we know if we stick to it, in time, that will pass too.
The day and a half of crying at bedtime and naptime was again well worth it. Our home is pacifier free again until it's time for another McCrary baby to be added to the household. We're so proud of our little Emily. She's becoming such a big girl!


The Knight Family said...

I'm so impressed! What a big girl!!! I'm just not quite ready for the big change yet for Addie...maybe after the baby comes we'll "think" about it more :) I'm scared of 1 1/2 hrs. of screaming!!! Way to go Emily!

Anonymous said...

And what beautiful blue eyes!!! Love, Rosie

Anonymous said...

I guess my first comment didn't come through. Here you go,Emily...What a beautiful baby girl you are with the gorgeous smile!!!! Big girl,too,for giving up your pacifier. Love,Rosie

Hilary said...

That is always such a relief, but also for me, it was kind of sad, because it meant my babies were growing up!

Cheryl Troxel said...

I feel your pain. Avery is going through stop sucking her thumb. It was the nap time and night time that are the hardest, but it is getting better. We have a chart and if she can go 30 days without the thumb, she gets to go to Build-A-Bear, something she has wanted to do for over a year. So far so good. We put the hot, yucky stuff on her to remind her not to suck. It is tough, but when it is time you just have to plow through it!