Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Morning Donuts!

Earlier this week, Jill and I went to Sherwin-Williams to pick out some paint colors for the nursery at church. At the paint store, there was a little nook with some coffee and donuts. The nice associates offered the kids donuts, and of course, they accepted. Jill and I each had one, and we were sold. These donuts were so yummy! They are the best donuts in the area. They remind us of the donuts in Destin, FL, and those are the best donuts on the planet! After Jill and I left Sherwin-Williams and Kohl's, Jill went right over to the new bakery and bought a dozen for her family.

I told Jeff about these donuts, and we planned for a Saturday morning trip to the bakery. So, this morning, we literally got in the van in our pajamas as soon as we woke up and headed over to the bakery. On the way there, we asked Elaina what kind of donut she was going to get, and she proclaimed that she would be getting a BLUE donut. I was hoping that she wouldn't be too disappointed when we got to the bakery because I was not optimistic that there would be blue donuts available. Fortunately, there were PINK donuts! Both the girls were excited about the pink donuts with fall sprinkles. When the employee asked Elaina what she could get for her, Elaina held out her hand that had a quarter in it and told her she wanted a pink donut. So cute!

We picked out our dozen donuts and headed home. On the way home, I thought that I would tease Elaina and tell her that I couldn't wait to get home so that I could eat a pink donut. Elaina said, "No, Mommy. Those are my pink donuts. You eat Daddy's donuts." I replied, "So, you'll eat the pink donuts, and Mommy will eat Daddy's donuts. What will Emily eat?" Elaina quickly responded, "Crumbs." Nice. Real nice.

At the new bakery in our pajamas.

Elaina enjoying her yummy pink donut.

Emily knows what the best part is . . . the icing!


Cheryl said...

I have a weakness for donuts and this blog made me want to run out and get some (in my pajamas of course!). What a fun little morning adventure!

The Knight Family said...

Wellllllll....we'll have to try your donuts sometime because we tend to think our "Donut Bank" donuts are the best on the planet ;) Chris and Addie go to the Donut Bank to get our donuts every Saturday morning, kind of a neat little tradition I hope they'll keep up. By the way, when I got on your blog, Addie said "Emmy!" right away when she saw her picture!