Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Planting Mommy's Flowers with MeMe

Every May, my mom comes down, and we work out in the yard for a day - all day - planting flowers. I always look so forward to this, especially now with the girls because it would take me probably three days to get done what we get done in one day with my mom. Between taking breaks for snack, swinging, bubbles, potty, etc . . . it would not be as fun if my mom wasn't here to help. We had a beautiful day of planting my flowers, and the girls had a ball. We were outside ALL day; they didn't take naps, and they were a MESS when it came to be 8:00 p.m. and time to go inside - especially since towards the end of the evening, Elaina thought she would shampoo Emily's hair with bubbles. They loved digging for worms in the dirt, but neither one wanted to touch the worms. I don't blame them . . . that's why I wear gloves when I plant! Leave it to Emily, though, to find a baby worm. Emily LOVES baby animals, so while digging in the dirt, I wasn't surprised that she was the one to find a baby worm. She was so excited!

Thank you, MeMe, for a wonderful day of planting flowers. I'm still exhausted though from the long day, so off I go for a nap!

Emily's baby worm

Planting Mommy's flowers

MeMe and her girls

Note to self: Potting soil and bubble solution make for very messy toddlers! Elaina is just getting started in this picture with Emily's shampoo job. As usual, Emily is just going along with it without a care in the world.

Elaina getting more into the shampooing of Emily's hair with the bubble solution, and Emily still not having a care in the world about it . . . just concerned with blowing her own bubbles.

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The Knight Family said...

What joyful memories you are making with your girls and their MeMe! I love the bubble shampoo idea, Elaina! I love seeing these new pictures and reading about the latest happenings in McCrary world!