Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today, Jeff and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. We had a wonderful day. We spent the morning at church, the girls took naps, and then we took them down to Jeff's parents to spend the rest of the night. We went to dinner and are staying in tonight to watch a movie. We are going to enjoy a quiet evening at home and be couch potatoes! Since it is our sixth anniversary, I thought I would share six things that I love the most about Jeff.

6. He loves to shop with me. Jeff actually enjoys going to the mall and shopping with me for clothes and whatever else. Our friend makes fun of us when she finds out we have errands to run in Greenwood. She knows that we'll be there all day - even if we just have a couple of things to do on our list.

5. He is a great teacher. Jeff is a wonderful teacher. That is one of the things that made me fall in love with him from the beginning. Not only is he a wonderful teacher to his public school students, he is a wonderful teacher to the kids at church. Whether he's teaching academics, Biblical truths, or how to play basketball, he always does an awesome job. He is very caring, and the kids love him becasue he doesn't mind being a complete DORK to get the kids to laugh and enjoy learning. It always makes me feel so proud when people stop me and tell me how much their kids love having him as a teacher or loved something that he shared with them at church or in coaching or helping out with a sport.

4. Jeff works really hard. At times, I know it must be a huge load to carry to make sure that he provides for his family. He works hard and prayerfully makes wise decisions so that our family can have our needs met and even some of our wants as well. He strongly believes the Biblical importance of me being a stay at home mommy and wife.

3. He cherishes his girls. Jeff is a wonderful father to his two "little angels." He desires to spend every minute possible together as a family. He tells our girls often that he loves them knowing how important it is that they hear this. He encourages them and prays for them and with them. He teaches them Bible lessons and tells them how important it is to have Jesus in their hearts.

2. I know he loves me. Jeff not only tells me but shows me that he loves me every day. He sets a wonderful example for our girls on how a husband should love their wife, according as to how Christ loves the Church. He supports and encourages me. He teases me when I need to lighten up and comforts me when I'm worried or sad. He does so many things to show me that he loves me. Even when we do disagree (and face it, it happens), he always lets me know that he loves me and treasures our marriage.

1. He loves God. Jeff's faith is very strong, and holds me together when mine is so very weak. He understands the importance of a relationship with Jesus Christ, and he strives to always seek His guidance in every decision that he makes as a husband and a father.

Happy Anniversary, Jeff! I am honored and priviledged that you chose me to love forever.


Marcus said...

Hey there!
CONGRATULATIONS! WOW - six years! almost unbelievable!
Keep up the love you two - it is an example to others - even here in Africa!
Love ya all, and the kdis are gorgeous!

The Knight Family said...

I can't believe 6 years have passed since your beautiful wedding day! I'm glad you enjoyed your day together and the tribute to Jeff was beautiful, Stephanie :)