Friday, August 29, 2008

Who Needs a Boy? McCrary Family Football Practice

For some reason each time we have given birth, there have been some responses that go a little like this. "Oh, a girl (or "Oh, another girl"). I bet Jeff was a little disappointed that he didn't get his boy. I bet Jeff really wants a boy." We wouldn't give up either one of our precious girls for a boy, so when we get this statement from people, we always just smile and say, "We love our girls." One, because it's the truth. Two, because this statement made by other people can get a bit irritating after a while, (it's funny that they determine your feelings for you), so we just try not to give too lengthy of a response - along with the question, "Are you guys going to try for a boy?" So, to answer that one up front . . . No. We're not going to try for a BOY. When that time comes, we're going to try to have another BABY (boy or girl) so that we can add another precious little one to our family - not necessarily so that we can "get a boy." Plus, my brother and sister-in-law, Stephen and Leah, seem to do a good job of keeping up with filling the need for boys in our family. They have three wonderfully boyish boys! I always tell people that we fill the girl quota and they fill the boy quota. Of course, we expect these comments just as any other couple who has either all girls or all boys expects the comments that they get. I'm sure I've made those comments to other people myself before I had children of my own. Now I try to make it a point of not making comments like those because I know that I get them myself. If God chooses to trust us with gifts of girls, then we consider ourselves truly blessed. Jeff has always been very thankful for these girls who love to snuggle on him, love on him and think that he's the greatest guy in the world! Now, would we be thrilled if we were to ever "get" that boy? Well, of course! The majority of families out there would probably like to fill their families with boys and girls alike.

But in the meantime, Jeff is preparing his girls for that one sport that typically is for "boys only" . . . FOOTBALL! Elaina's Poppy bought her a football last year during football season, and she also has a football jersey. She loves playing and watching football with her Daddy. This week, Emily had her first football practice with Daddy. Emily has actually started her football practice with Daddy at a younger age than when Elaina did, so we were quite impressed with her natural abilities. Elaina didn't start practicing football until she was about 20 months or so. Emily is 15 months. I thought you might like to see some pictures of these future McCrary GIRL football stars!

Emily holding the football for Elaina to kick.

Elaina's touchdown dance!

Elaina holding the ball for Emily's turn to kick.


The Knight Family said...

Totally agreeing on the "are you hoping for a boy?" comments...Your girls are too cute and so much fun, I can't wait to see them again!

Hilary said...

Girls can be just as athletic as boys!!! Just look at our friend Jill Ruddle. lol. You may have the next pro kicker right there in one of those pictures.