Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary, "MeMaw Terry" and Terry!

Our wonderful friends, Terry and Terry Bright, just recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. They have such a Godly example of marriage, and such a beautiful family. It is very obvious in watching this family that they are a family that has such great faith and love in God. On Sunday, their four daughters (Jennifer, Jill, Brandi and Bethany) surprised them with a surprise party. Over the last seven years, Terry and Terry have become very dear friends to us. They have welcomed our family into theirs on many occasions, and are so very generous and loving to us. Terry and Terry are Jill's parents, which of course makes them Benjamin, Luke, and Hannah's grandparents. Since we have spent a lot of time with them and she's Hannah's grandma, Elaina has called Terry, "MeMaw Terry" for quite a while now. We had a really nice time celebrating with them. Congratulations, Terry and Terry!

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