Thursday, September 11, 2008

What a Saturday!

Mommy came home from her slumber party right after breakfast so that we could get a start on our fun filled Saturday. Jeff already had fed the girls their breakfast and was getting ready for the day. He did a great job holding down the fort and keeping the troops in line while I was gone for the night.

We started off our day at the Heartnut Heritage Festival at Camp Atterbury. Jeff's parents met us there. We went last year and really enjoyed it, so we thought we would go again. There are a lot of Native American exhibits. There are also vendors, a few rides, animals, a train and other fun things to do. This year's festival didn't seem to be as participated in as last year, but we still had a great time. PawPaw had each of the girls get a pony ride, and they also took a train ride, too. It was a great morning before we headed back home for naps.

After the girls took their naps, we headed out to go to The Apple Works. The Apple Works is an apple orchard. The property is beautiful, and there are many fun things for the kids to do there.
The best part, of course, are the fresh apples! Our refrigerator is now stocked with delicious Honeycrisp apples! YUM!

Emily wasn't too sure at first if she was going to enjoy her pony ride.

By the time she made her third lap on the pony, she was a pro!

Emily waving to her sister while her sister takes her pony ride.

MawMaw helped Elaina with her pony ride.

The train at the Heartnut Heritage Festival

Elaina admiring her ring made out of a nail that she got at the Heartnut Heritage Festival.

They made it to the top of the hay bale stack at The Apple Works!

The slide at The Apple Works
Emily LOVES animals. She gets real close to them, but then when they start to notice her and move towards her, she gets in this stance. This is her, "Don't you dare touch me!" stance.

Elaina LOVES animals as well, but does not like to get close to them at all. In this picture, she is being a brave big sister for Emily by petting the goat so that Emily isn't scared of it. It was really sweet.

On The Apple Works tractor

Emily and Daddy enjoying a homemade apple dumpling.

Elaina enjoying her delicious Honeycrisp apple!


Hilary said...

Love, love all the pictures. You are such cute little family. You do fun stuff all the time. The honey crisp apples are oh so yummy.

The Knight Family said...

Sounds like so much fun! I've never had a honey crisp apple, mmmmmm. I love all the pictures, especially Emily's don't you dare touch me stance!