Tuesday, September 16, 2008

SingStar Superstars!

On Saturday evening, we got together with friends to act like goons and play SingStar! We were so excited, and it was so much fun! Danny and Hilary invited us and the Ruddle family over. The kids played, and the adults had a blast singing! It was hysterical! Of course, Jeff's first pick was "Ice, Ice, Baby!" It was great! Jill did an AWESOME job and is now the reigning SingStar Champion! She and Scott also snatched up the SingStar Couples Champion award as well. The girls played great and enjoyed the time that they got to spend with their friends, but they also enjoyed the entertainment that was being provided by the adults. We're looking forward to another round of SingStar soon!

Danny pretends he's not all about this SingStar business, but we could tell that it's his secret past time!

Hilary - Cool Cat!

Brooke, Hannah, and Elaina - SO CUTE!

Emily danced around all night!

Elaina enjoyed singing with us.

Daddy and Elaina pullin' out all the stops on "Ice, Ice, Baby!"

Jill and Scott - SingStar Champions!


Hilary said...

Yes, it was so much fun. But where are the pictures of Miss Stephanie Mccrary????? That doesn't seem very fair. Can't wait until next time.

The Knight Family said...

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for this! How fun! I've never heard of SingStar, you'll have to fill me in!