Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Princess and a Sucker!

Jeff was outside mowing around 6:30 p.m. this evening when I found out that I needed to have a quick meeting with someone at the church. So, I gave the girls their baths and cleaned up the house and had the girls put their toys away. Jeff was able to get in and get his shower and relax for a few minutes before I needed to leave. At 7:45 p.m., I was ready to head out the door. I kissed the girls goodnight. All Jeff had to do was brush their teeth (which I had even already laid them out and put the toothpaste on them) and give the girls their bedtime Bible lesson. Now, I always brag about how helpful Jeff is. He always helps me out with the girls, so him completing these tasks tonight was nothing new or earth shattering. I just know that he was looking forward to relaxing and so that's why I made sure everything was in place before I left . . . you know . . . to make the bedtime process go more quickly and smoothly for him.

I left the church right at 9:00 p.m. On the drive home, I thought about how I would be going home to the girls sleeping peacefully in their beds. I was looking forward to sitting down with Jeff, snuggling, and catching up on the day. I entered the kitchen through the garage, and I heard nothing but peace and quiet. Now, I LOVE my girls and I LOVE the sounds of my girls, but at 9:00 p.m. as stay-at-home mommy, I was ready to be done for the day. I walked through the kitchen and turned the corner to the living room, and what you see in this picture is literally what I ran into . . .

There she was in all of her glory! Elaina inside the princess castle tent that her Auntie Leah picked out for her! She was laughing and giggling and was so excited that her Daddy got this out for her tonight. Elaina woke up this morning and her allergies were really bothering her. She has had a terrible runny nose and head congestion all day. Apparently, as Jeff was putting her to bed she said, "Daddy, I don't feel good." Jeff replied, "I'm sorry, honey." Elaina said, "It's okay, Daddy, it's my fault." Jeff explained to her that it wasn't her fault that she didn't feel well, but she kept saying, "No, Daddy, it's my fault. It'll be alright, Daddy." She then proceeded to tell him that it would make her feel better if she could get out her tent and sleeping bag. So, there you have it. Whaalaa! Princess castle tent and sleeping bag up in a jiffy!


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The Knight Family said...

Sounds like something Addie's Daddy will do one day! Isn't that Daddy/Daughter bond so sweet though! Elaina sure looks like she's feeling better :)