Wednesday, January 7, 2009

December 2008

The month of December was so much fun! It was filled with several family and friend Christmas gatherings. I didn't get pictures of all of our Christmas gatherings. With so much to load up in the van, the camera took a last spot in my brain at times, and I forgot it for a couple of gatherings. Last year was fun with Elaina, but this year was even better. She started watching Christmas videos in September (which I must admit I am glad are packed away for several months), and she just loved talking about Santa Claus. She likes Santa Claus from far away, but doesn't like to get too close, and definitely wants absolutely nothing to do with his lap. We are completely okay with that. We okay with her not being fond of strangers, so we don't push her to sit on his lap. She kept telling us that she wanted Santa to bring her a "chi-chin" (kitchen) . . . well, and a real live kitty cat, but that wasn't going to happen. Emily was fun as well. She really got into opening the gifts. Also, anytime she saw anything that remotely reminded her of Santa would say in this deep voice, "Ho. Ho. Ho." It is so cute. Never heard anything like it from a little baby girl. We were very blessed to spend so much time with family and friends, and we are so thankful for the birth of Jesus - the true meaning of Christmas. Elaina learned to sing "Away in a Manger," and she loves talking about Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the Shepherds, and the Angel, Gabriel. She seemed to really take hold of the "Christmas Story." Our girls are so precious to us, and we had a wonderful Christmas season.

The girls and Jeff with Great Grandma McCrary

Our friend, Taylor, is in the top row with the green dress on. I LOVE watching her ring the bells. The kids did such a great job at church. I hope Elaina and Emily will want to participate when they are old enough. (Taylor is Hilary and Danny's daughter, sister to Devan and Brooke.)

Garrett (left - Julie and Rob's son and Kaylee's brother) and Lucas (right - Barry and Valarie's son and Zachary's brother) concentrating on ringing their bells at the right time. So cute!

Santa brought the girls a "chi-chin" (kitchen)! Wow. How did he know?? Elaina was in disbelief!

Santa left the girls a letter.

Wow! A camera was in Elaina's stocking!

Emily sitting in the inflatable Strawberry Shortcake that Uncle Todd and Aunt Angel gave the girls for Christmas. They love it!

Reading the Christmas story.

Elaina got the Cinderella DVD from Santa, too!

Emily got a high-chair for her baby dolls! She loves being a Mommy!

Elaina all dressed up in her princess dress.

Waiting patiently to open presents at MeMe and Poppy's house.

Emily loved opening presents.

Sweet Emily in the apron that Auntie Leah made. Elaina has one, too.

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The Knight Family said...

I absolutely love the girls' chi-chin, so pretty! And where did you get the camera for Elaina...Addie would just love one (maybe for her half birthday). I enjoyed all the pictures very very much and I'm so glad you're back to blogging :) I am feeling re-connected already!