Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's Your Vote?

I have added a poll off to the right hand side of our blog site. You can vote as to whether or not you think Baby McCrary #3 will be a girl or a boy. You don't have to hurry and vote now if you don't want to. The poll doesn't close until midnight on July 19th. You have plenty of time to make your decision. As of right now, I think we will be loving all over another beautiful baby girl, but I may change my mind. Typically, I base my decisions off of the bpm of the heart, but we don't know what any of those are yet. We didn't find out at Dr. Cline's office, but when we have our first appointment at the OB's office, we will get a bpm reading.
There is no way for me to tell on the poll who voted what way, so if you don't mind us knowing your vote, you can comment on the actual blog entry itself by clicking on "comment" at the bottom of this entry, or you can send me an email to let me know how you voted to


jade said...

I think it will be a girl

Cheryl Troxel said...

I voted that it's a girl. Three girls are so much fun:)

Amanda Callen said...

I'm thinking boy... and... hmmm... (don't know if I should write this, it might "jinx it") but I've guessed only on babies that I feel very strong vibes one way or the other, so only 7 total, and I've been right all 7 times. Yep, I'm thinking boy.