Sunday, January 4, 2009

October 2008

Well, this is the month that "did me in". What a busy month it was, but it was a great month! The girls and I got to take one last trip to the park on one of our last warm days. Jeff got his annual pair of rats at school, and the girls LOVED them. The girls were able to pick out their pumpkins and carve them. We had a great Halloween by passing candy out to the boys and girls at Jeff's school, and then on Halloween night, we went trick-or-treating with all of our friends. Yes, there was a "Fall Break" in there sometime at the end, but I spent that whole week in the nursery at church with my best friend. I took over the responsibilities of Nursery Coordinator in July, and Jennifer (the Children's Minister at our church), Jill, and I worked together on a plan to make the nursery have a more "homey" feel to it. Jill and I literally spent an entire week in the nursery. Thanks so much to my mom, Jeff's mom, and Jeff for taking such great care of the girls while I was totally consumed with that. It is beautiful! It was a lot of hard work, but Jill and I had a great time. It was a very busy - the fun busy - kind of month.

Elaina fell several times during our Trick-or-Treat experience (those silly dance shoes). Emily was quick to comfort her each time.

Elaina and Hannah Trick-or-Treating.

The girls Trick-or-Treating at our sweet neighbor's, Ruth, house.

Our gymnasts! Oh, how our girls love to do their gymnastics.

Elaina mid-move.

Emily's first sucker. She LOVED it, but oh what a mess!

Elaina passing out candy at Daddy's school for Family Reading Night the eve of Halloween. She was so good. We didn't let her Trick-or-Treat this night. We told her she was going to share her candy with other boys and girls. She was so happy to do it, too.

Elaina playing a game at Northwood's Family Fun Night.

Emily and Daddy playing a game at his school.

The girls each won a prize for winning the game! They each got to pick a new book to take home!

Our carved pumpkins. Daddy and Emily worked togther, and Elaina and Mommy worked together.

Before the carving.

Elaina was determined to pull the wagon at the pumpkin patch.

Emily pointed to a lot of pumpkins that she wanted.

Elaina checking out the pumpkins trying to pick the perfect one.

One of Daddy's experimental rats at school.

Elaina loves it when Daddy gets his rats each fall.

The kids playing while we were painting the nurseries at church.

Hours of chalking and taping.

The "infant side" stripes.

The "toddler side" before the stripes.

Thank you, MeMe for helping us ou during the week of painting. The girls always love it when MeMe visits. They get to make blueberry muffins with her!

A Saturday at Great Grandma McCrary's

Collecting nuts at Great Grandma's.

Emily and cousin, Haddie, playing with sticks at Great Grandma's. Haddie is one month younger than Emily.

Mommy and the girls spent the last warm day of the fall at the park.

Beautiful girl.

Silly girl.

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Ah, you're back to Blogtown!!! So good to catch up....loved every single picture, and the nursery looks great!