Monday, March 30, 2009

Daddy's Birthday

Daddy turned 32 the 1st of March! What an old man! ;) He always enjoys his made from scratch German Chocolate Cake. He has enjoyed it more being able to share it with his girls the last few birthdays although they don't look quite as nice since the girls insist on helping. His birthday was on a Sunday which after church services in the morning, is a super relaxing day for us typically. We did just that . . . relaxed in our pajamas after getting home from church. For his birthday, he received money from different parts of the family. He decided to buy tickets to the Chris Tomlin concert with his money. You'll see a post later about that concert! Happy Birthday, Daddy! We love you!

Elaina adding the finishing touches to Daddy's cake.

So proud!

Happy Birthday, Old Man!

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