Monday, March 30, 2009

Elaina's First Gymnastics Class

Elaina participated in a gymnastics class this winter, and she had a blast! The class lasted for six weeks (January - February), and only had four to six students in it for each class. Since the summer Olympics were on this past year, she has loved "doing gymnastics" in the house. We thought this would be a perfect opportunity for her. The class was offered through the Franklin Parks and Recreation Department, and was only $20 for the six-week class. Not having participated in something like this before, we were a bit unsure as to how she would do, so we didn't mind paying the $20 to find out. She loved every minute of it, and we hope to sign her up for a couple of more classes this summer and fall. We went as a family every session. The class started at 4:45 p.m., so Jeff was able to meet us there after work. Emily did not get to participate, but she watched, and she learned so much just from watching. In fact, Emily tumbles very well. She has perfected her front roll as well, and will do them at random times wherever we are. We had so much fun and enjoyed watching Elaina enjoy herself so much. She listened to and behaved so well for her teacher each class. One of our proud moments!

Elaina excited and ready to leave the house for her first gymnastics class!

Her first attempt on the balance beam.

So excited to walk the beam all by herself!

Front roll

Elaina sitting next to her friend, Brookie, listening to their teacher.

Brookie, Elaina's friend, with a smile across the beam.

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