Monday, March 30, 2009

Edinburgh Sectional Game

On a Saturday evening in March, we headed down to Daddy's Alma Mater to watch Edinburgh's basketball team in the sectional championship game. Unfortunately, they lost in a very close game. We still had a great time at the game with MawMaw and PawPaw. MawMaw got to show off the cheerleading outfits that she made for the girls. She actually made these outfits a year and a half ago while Daddy was still coaching the Northwood basketball team. The colors worked well for this game, and they were barely able to squeeze into them one last time, so we thought we'd get a few last pictures.

On the way down to the game, Elaina kept telling us that her PawPaw was going to buy her popcorn at the game. Guess what? Yep. PawPaw bought Elaina a bag of popcorn at the game. :)

Emily enjoying the popcorn.

Silly girls. Yes, that would be Emily with her ferocious growling face! It's very scary, isn't it? :)

Beautiful, beautiful girls.

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