Monday, March 30, 2009

Sisterly Love

It is moments like these that make me stop from the housework, worries, and stress at times to just sit back and watch our girls love life and love each other so incredibly much. I know that a lot parents' dreams are to have that "All-American" family of one boy and one girl (although we would love to have four children, not two), but Jeff and I were just commenting this weekend on how we can't imagine the girls not having each other. Don't get me wrong, we would love to have a boy along the way if that is what God has in store for us, but to see our girls together right now, we couldn't ask for more of a blessing. Elaina and Emily are 16 months apart. Oh yes, we are already seeing our share of "cat fights," but the concern for each other, love, and friendship that they have already established puts joy in our hearts every day. Here are a few "sisterly" moments that I have randomly caught them in over the last couple of months. These are my favorites.

The girls watching a Strawberry Shortcake movie together. I walked in to check on them, and this is what I found. Love it.

There is a drawer in the kitchen that has my plastic kitchen utensils in it. The girls know that they can play with these things while I'm working in the kitchen because they won't hurt them. One morning after breakfast, I was cleaning up. I knew that they had been in that drawer, but they had left the kitchen and for some reason I heard a faucet running. They are supposed to stay in the kitchen with those things to play. I went to look for them, and they had taken some place mats and utensils and were "making a cake" in the living room. The faucet was running because they needed water to make their cake with. I had to laugh because although I would have preferred for them to stay in the kitchen, water cleans up easily.

Yummy cake.

The girls have a few books that help them learn how to write their letters, numbers, shapes, etc. They are "wipe-off" marker books so that the pages can be used over and over again. They love these books, but we make them stay at the table in their play room to use them. Normally, I stay close by just to be sure that the walls don't get marked on or a book from their bookshelf that shouldn't be written in. Naive me, on this day they were doing really well with not making a mess (Specifically, Emily is the one we have to watch with the markers.), so I thought I might be able to get some housework done in another room while they played. Several minutes went by before Elaina came running out of the play room exclaiming and laughing, "Mommy! I drew picture on Emily! Hurry, come look!" Well, she wasn't kidding. This is what I found.

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My goodness- if you look up "blog updates" on wikipedia,I'm pretty sure your name will be there! You've done alot of updating today and I love it! Such great pics and stories to go along with them! NICE JOB!!! :)