Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Aunt Audrey's Toilet Paper Head - New Hampshire Trip - Day 12

My Aunt Audrey has been getting her hair done every Friday morning for as long as I can remember. Jeff always gives her a hard time because she wraps her hair in toilet paper right before she goes to bed each night to keep it from getting messy. Jeff teases her about this constantly and even sent her a quality roll of toilet paper for her birthday one year. None of us have ever seen Aunt Audrey's toilet paper head because she makes sure she does it once everybody has gone to bed.

Last night, I was down in the basement office working on our family blog, and Aunt Audrey knew that I would be down there for a long time. She wasn't worried about me catching her in her toilet paper head dress because by the time I came upstairs she would be fast asleep in bed.

Well, Jeff was bound and determined to snap her picture in her toilet paper head dress. Jeff waited in the dark hallway for what Aunt Audrey says was almost an hour. Finally, Aunt Audrey didn't hear any noise in the house, other than me in the basement, so she figured it was safe to head out of the bathroom and head to bead. She was wrong! Jeff was waiting for her just around the corner and snapped a picture of her! From the basement I heard shrieking screams and loud laughter! It was hysterical!


The Knight Family said...

This is just too funny! Way to go Jeff for capturing the toilet paper headed aunt Audrey!!! The look on her face is priceless :)

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey - I'll get you for this. Don't ever turn your back to me. Love you guys. Thanks for coming to our house. - Aunt Audrey