Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling . . . Right into the Sink for a Bath! - New Hampshire Trip - Day 11

My Aunt Audrey and Uncle Harry live on a hill and have a hill in their backyard. Obviously, the younger you are, the bigger the hill seems. As kids, my brothers and I would roll and run down this hill every year when we visited.

On Monday, I got to watch our girls roll and run down the same hill. Although, now my Uncle Harry has added a patio, sidewalk, and lights to the backyard, so it's not as safe (not that it was ever safe) as it used to be. Emily and Elaina had a ball!

Our little explorer, Emily, found a nasty slug. Apparently, these types of slugs are everywhere around here. We saw her playing with something at the top of the hill, but we thought it was either grass or rocks. After a while, we decided we better go see what she was so intrigued by. YUCK!! It was one of those nasty slugs. It slimmed her with this thick, sticky, orange goo. We had to scrub and scrub and scrub her little hands to get them clean. It was so hard to get the gooey stuff off!

By the time the girls where done outside for the day, they were a mess! Down to the basement we went for baths. My Aunt Audrey has a huge double laundry sink in her basement that my brothers and I used to take baths in as kids. Now, it was the girls' turn. My Aunt Audrey enjoyed seeing her great nieces doing the same thing that I did as a little girl.

An afternoon of running up and down the hill in Aunt Audrey and Uncle Harry's backyard over and over and over again.
Emily worked hard each time to make it to the top by the shed. She was so tired when they eventually decided to go inside for the night.

"You ready?!"

Emily playing in the rocks

Emily just got slimmed! She was having so much fun until Daddy took her little friend, Mr. Nasty Slug, away.

Emily's friend, Mr. Nasty Slug

Bath time in Aunt Audrey's double laundry sink

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