Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wildcat Mountain - New Hampshire Trip - Day 9

Jeff really wanted to get the girls to the top of a mountain, so we "climbed" Wildcat Mountain late Saturday afternoon. By "climbed" I mean rode to the top in a gondola. There was no way that I was climbing two mountains in one week, and absolutely no way that I was going to climb a mountain with two children under the age of two and a half! There are several mountains that you can go to the top in a gondola. We chose Wildcat because Jeff has already been up Loon Mountain, and Wildcat Mountain also gives you a spectacular view of Mount Washington. Once I was on the gondola, I was a mess! I forgot about my recent fear of heights that has emerged this summer, and I could not wait for that small, swinging, gondola to get to the top of that mountain and eventually back down the mountain. There is a new feature at Wildcat Mountain that Jeff and I really wanted to do. They take you about 1/4 up the mountain and put you on a zip line down the mountain! We were really wanting to do it, but we got there too late. They were about ready to close down for the day. I was really bummed. It would have been such a thrill! Next time we're here, we'll have to remember to try to do it. www.skiwildcat.com
At the top of Wildcat Mountain, there were some "big rocks." Elaina wanted to "climb that mountain like Mommy and Daddy did."

This is a view from the top of Wildcat Mountain. If you look in the center of the picture, the mountain that is the furthest in the distance is Mount Chocorua - the mountain that Jeff and I climbed earlier in the week.

A view from the top of Wildcat Mountain

Elaina riding up the mountain in the gondola.

Emily in the gondola.

A view of Mount Washington from the top of Wildcat Mountain.

When we got to the top of Wildcat Mountain, it was really chilly. The sun went behind the clouds, and it was getting ready to rain. Elaina was starting to get cold.

Our family at the top of Wildcat Mountain

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