Thursday, July 24, 2008

Candlepin Bowling - New Hampshire Trip - Day 7

It was still raining this evening, so we decided to drive about 5 miles up the road to Fryeburg, Maine for a night of Candlepin Bowling. Candlepin Bowling is very popular in Maine. The balls in Candlepin Bowling are much smaller and do not have finger holes. The pins are long and narrow. There are differences in the way the game is played compared to regular bowling as well. For example, you get three balls per frame in Candlepin Bowling. The alley that we went to was great. It was smoke free and extremely clean. It was a great family environment.

My dad started working at the bowling alleys here in the Conway, New Hampshire area when he was 11 years old. He reset pins in a couple of different bowling alleys for five or six years. He sat in between the lanes at the ends to set the pins back up. He said that at times it was a dangerous job. He said that at that time it was around 20 cents a game to play, and he was paid 6 to 8 cents a game to reset the pins for two lanes. Tonight, it was $3.50 a game, $1 for shoes, and a machine reset the pins for us. Dad worked in the bowling alley 57 years ago, and things have definitely changed since then! He was really excited to bowl with us tonight.

Elaina was bound and determined to beat her Poppy at bowling. On the drive to the bowling alley, she kept saying, "I'm going to beat my Poppy!" Elaina did a great job. She basically bowled all by herself after Jeff showed her how to do it on the first two frames. We used two lanes so that the girls could bowl with bumpers.

Emily was able to make much use of her favorite word, "ball." She loved getting the balls off of the rack. In fact, at one point she decided it was time to start looking down the hole that the balls come back through. We told her that probably wasn't such a good idea.

Well, Poppy's pride was a bit hurt tonight when BOTH of his granddaughters (and everyone else for that matter) beat him at his own game! Yes, Poppy came in last. Jeff, of course to boost his self confidence and ego, won. We had a great time!

By the way, if you all have heard of the toranadoes and terrible storms up here today, we just want you to know that we are okay. Tornadoes are very rare in this area, but apparently we Indiana people brought them up here with us. There was a tornado about an hour and a half south of here, and terrible storms in the Bridgton and Portland, Maine area. We are thankful that we just had the heavy rain.

Emily getting a ball off of the rack.

Elaina and Poppy competing in Candlepin Bowling.


Elaina being silly after she throws a ball down the lane, and Daddy being a professional Candlepin bowler.

The cutest bowling shoes

Our littlest bowler

Elaina picking out her next ball.

Emily had to have a lot of help getting her balls down the lane.


The Knight Family said...

I love that your dad worked at a bowling alley 57 years ago! And you're teaching your girls so much about tradition and family values. SO much fun!

Hilary said...

How fun!! When u get back maybe we can all go bowling.

love ya