Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Elaina's First Fishing Trip - New Hampshire Trip - Day 9

Elaina had her first fishing trip on Saturday. We went fishing with Uncle Ernie on Pequawket Pond in Conway. Of course, this is the same pond I used to fish on with my dad, Uncle Ernie and brothers when we were there in the summers. Elaina had a blast! She did an awesome job, even though she didn't catch anything. She loved to throw out her line and reel it in. She hollered at her bobber the whole time. "Come here, bobber! You come here!" It was so much fun. Jeff, Poppy, Uncle Ernie and Elaina had a great time. MeMe, Mommy, Emily, and Aunt Donna were just there for support. We tried really hard and were really wanting to catch a fish so that Elaina could send a picture of it home to her PawPaw McCrary. I guess PawPaw McCrary will have to take her fishing when we get home and help her catch her first fish. Thanks, Uncle Ernie, for a great memory with Elaina!

Elaina wasn't interested in putting the worm on her hook.

Elaina learning the ins and outs of fishing from Uncle Ernie.

Enjoying the time together

Emily watching the fishing line being thrown out into the pond.

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