Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Kissing Bridge - New Hampshire Trip - Day 10

There are many beautiful covered bridges in New England. I have a personal favorite that I got to share with my family during our trip. As a kid, my dad always drove us across "The Kissing Bridge." He would honk as we drove across and kiss my mom in the front seat. I always believed that it was truly called "The Kissing Bridge." Now that I'm 28 years old, I find out the truth. Apparently, it's just called "The Kissing Bridge" to the teenagers in Conway. Dad enjoyed this bridge as a teenager himself. ;)
We drove across "The Kissing Bridge" (more commonly known as "The Saco River Bridge") many times during our week in New Hampshire. Elaina got a kick out of it. She loved driving across the bridge, having Daddy honk, and blowing a lot of kisses to everyone in the van. She asked to go across "The Kisses Bridge," as she called it, several times a day.
Sunday we made our last trip over "The Kissing Bridge" and even decided to get out and walk across the bridge for a few pictures.

"The Kissing Bridge"

A view of the Saco River from "The Kissing Bridge"

Kisses on "The Kissing Bridge"

"The Kissing Bridge"

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