Friday, July 18, 2008

Nothing Like a 12 Hour Delay! - New Hampshire Trip - Day I

Wow! What a day it has been! I'm exhausted, so I'm going to really try to keep this entry short.

Today was our departure day for our two week trip out to the east coast. We were scheduled to pull out of our garage at 4:00 this morning. To make a long story short and many frustrating emotions later, we were not able to leave our house until 3:20 this afternoon. The Honda service department was still working on putting a bolt back on our van that was supposed to be done on Thursday, but they didn't have the part. Therefore, we didn't get our van back until almost 1:00 this afternoon. Because of this, there was no possible way that we could make it to our first reserved hotel room at Niagara Falls by early this evening. Thanks to a very kind manager at that hotel, they were able to switch our rooms so that we are able to stay in Niagara Falls tomorrow night instead. We wanted to get as much driving in today as possible, so we didn't check into our hotel room until 11:00 tonight. Let me just sum up the emotions of the day. For those who know me well, you know that I was able to keep my cool and was extremely patient during the whole ordeal of having a 12 hour delay. :)

We are about ten miles outside of Cleveland, Ohio. We wanted to get through Cleveland before we stopped for the night so that we wouldn't have to deal with traffic tomorrow morning in case it was bad. Apparently there is a large wedding in this town tomorrow, and there were only 2 hotel rooms left! We took both of them! They are business suites, so I was pumped - FREE WI-FI!!!! WOO-HOO!!! There's even this really neat "business nook" in the room with a really comfy chair and really cool lamp. I'm in blogging heaven!

Nothing too exciting happened today. We were just so glad to finally be able to leave. Although it was frustrating that we got such a late start, I just had to keep reminding myself that there was a reason God didn't want us on the road 12 hours earlier. He guided us safely through our first day, and we are very thankful for the good and safe trip we have had so far.

The girls have been great so far. Elaina waited until we left the house to take her nap, so she slept for the first couple of hours. Emily was pretty good, but she just doesn't like to sit still. She was really wanting to get out and move around. When we stopped for dinner, we let her run around a bit and that helped. Emily was getting really tired around 8:15 p.m., and Elaina was getting a bit antsy, so I told Elaina that as soon as the sun went down, she could watch a movie. I figured by this time Emily would be asleep. Well, no kidding, from 8:15 until 8:40, the only thing Elaina would say over and over and over and over was, "Sun go down? Sun go down now, Mommy? Sun go down? Yea, sun! Sun go down!" We kept telling her that the sun wasn't down yet, but she kept going and going and going.

We did almost have a tragic accident. I opened up the sliding door on the van, and apparently a baby doll got caught in the door. It basically almost decapitated it's head. At 11:00 p.m., it provided a good laugh, and we were able to save the doll.

MeMe and Poppy have enjoyed riding with us. Dad made the comment that he's enjoying not having to drive this time. It's been really nice spending time together.

Well, I'm off to bed. Keep checking back for more updates. Enjoy the pictures from today!

Emily enjoying a delicious, homemade, chocolate chip cookie from Jill. Thanks, Jill. They are so yummy!

Emily with her cookie, and Elaina missing out on the treat. She had one earlier though.

The baby doll stuck in the van door.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you were able to get out of Franklin! YEAH!! Hope you had a good day at Niagara (Spelled like Viagara??) Miss ya!

hkcoffman1 said...

I am glad u finally got to leave. Hope u r having a wonderful time. I look forward to reading more about your trip. Your entries are always so interesting. Can't wait until your back. Love you, Hilary

The Knight Family said...

Goodness...I was thinking of you guys on the morning you were due to leave (guess at least you got to sleep in a little?). I'm glad you were able to alter your plans and you are traveling safely, other than the poor baby doll incident :) Can't wait to read more about your trip along the way!