Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Emily's Absolute FAVORITE Fair Feature and "Fair Go Night Night." - Johnson County Fair Part III

Yesterday we headed back out to the Johnson County Fair. It was a beautiful evening. Elaina got up from her afternoon nap and immediately asked, "I go to the fair, please, Mommy? I see the horsies and the balloons and the rides, please, Mommy?" I told her that she would have to ask her Daddy, so she called her Daddy, and of course, he said he would take her to the fair!

We finished up the ride tickets that PawPaw had purchased for the girls. Emily had so much fun. She and Elaina were able to ride a couple of rides together, and they loved it. When Elaina got to the point when she only had enough tickets to ride one more ride, she wanted to ride the motorcycles. We tried to talk her into riding something that she hadn't ridden yet, but she wanted to ride the motorcycles. They are definitely her favorite ride.

After we were done with the rides, we walked over to see the goats and the horses. Emily really liked the goats. She enjoyed talking to them, again, with her "universal animal sound." Daddy had his back to a large goat at one point, and the goat about jumped on Daddy's back and was thinking of eating his hat! The horses were competing, so we watched that for a while, too.

Of course, we couldn't go to the fair and not get a Farm Bureau milkshake! Now, I know that I have mentioned a couple of times that the animals are Emily's favorite part of the fair, but I'm going to have to retract that statement. Emily's favorite part of the fair is by far the milkshakes! Jeff purchased two large milkshakes and said that each of us would share with one of the girls. Well, I chose to share with Emily, thinking that I would get to drink most of the shake. Yes, selfishness. Well, I was completely mistaken. Once Emily got a hold of that cup and straw, she didn't want to come up for air! She loved every bit of that milkshake. I would ask her to share with me and no sooner would I get the straw to my mouth and she would be reaching back out and grabbing the milkshake back with both hands. Jeff and I were laughing! It was great! Jill is so proud of Emily for her choice in favorite fair feature!

Well, two nights in a row, we closed down the fairgrounds. We walked out when the lights were being turned out. We had been there all evening both nights, but the girls would have kept going all night if they were able to. Both nights as we left the fairgrounds and headed for the van, Elaina would ask, "Fair go night night?" Yes, Elaina, the fair has gone night night for this year (at least for our little family because we won't go back again this week). We had a great time with the girls at the fair this year. We love our babies so much, and they make the little things in life so much more enjoyable because they don't take them for granted. It is so much fun to share these moments and memories together.

Night night fair. We'll see you next year.

Emily and Elaina riding in a car together. The picture is a little blurred because the ride was moving and I wanted to snap their smiles before they went back around.

Elaina driving a race car.

Emily and Elaina on the airplane ride.

Elaina and Emily meeting the baby chicks.

Elaina and Emily enjoying their Farm Bureau milkshakes.

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The Knight Family said...

I'm dying to hear the "universal animal noise" and I definitely WANT a Farm Bureau Milkshake! So much fun!