Friday, July 11, 2008

The Summertime Bug

We have never been more thrilled to end a very long week! This week, we had a very unpleasant visitor stay with us - The Summertime Bug! YUCK! Jeff was the first to host the nasty critter, and he was violently ill Monday evening through Wednesday. On Tuesday the bug decided to also visit me for a while, so we both went to the Immediate Care because there were no openings at our family doctor's office. The doctor gave Jeff an injection to help stop the vomiting and some other meds to calm down another yucky problem. I got the pill form of the injection since one of us had to drive home. Fortunately, Jeff's parents kept the girls from Monday evening until Wednesday evening so that we could get some much needed rest and try to get rid of Mr. Bug. We felt much better by Wednesday evening. Jeff, especially, was very fatigued, but the vomiting had finally stopped. We were anxious to pick up our girls. They had a great time at MawMaw and PawPaw's house, and we were very thankful that they took them for us. Late Wednesday night, Mr. Bug decided to make it's home in little Elaina's system. She vomited through the night, and Jeff and I were both really bummed that she was so sick. She was a trooper through all of it. Thursday, Jeff, Elaina and I still weren't feeling well, so we laid around the house most of the day. Miss Emily took complete advantage of being the sole member of our family who was able to ward off the illness. We prayed that Emily wouldn't get it, and so far she hasn't. Many of our friends and even Jeff's mom ended up being ill this week, too. We hope everyone is feeling better and that The Summertime Bug has left town!

Elaina and Daddy rest on the couch.
Elaina is napping on the floor. Her bedsheets were in the laundry for the third time in one day! Emily can't stand her sister not feeling well and not wanting to play, so she decides to start beating on her while she was napping. Elaina didn't budge.
Emily, the only healthy one of the bunch, was being a little too quiet all by herself. I knew it was time to check on her. She decided to take control getting her own snack portion. She didn't see me snap this picture.
"Uh-Oh . . . Hi, Mommy! This is fun!"


The Knight Family said...

I'm so glad Mr. Bug has left your household! Sounds like he hit pretty hard! I just LOVE the picture of Emily with her portion of fishies, getting caught :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture of Emily, even cuter because she was caught red-handed. What a doll baby!!!!!!!!