Monday, July 21, 2008

Girls at The Falls, "BIG WATER!" and A Long Drive to Conway, New Hampshire with New Words - New Hampshire Trip - Day 3

Sunday was an extremely long and tiring day, but it was a great day. After checking out of our hotel room in Niagara Falls on Sunday morning, we walked across the street so that the girls could have their chance at seeing The Falls. Elaina loves the water, and she has been wanting to see some "BIG WATER." We promised her that when we got to Niagara Falls, she would definitely see some big water! She loved it! She yelled, "BIG WATER!" over and over and over. Emily did a lot of pointing and, of course, made her "universal animal sound" with every bird that we saw. We spent the morning at The Falls with the girls and MeMe and Poppy. My mom and dad honeymooned at The Falls 43 years ago, so it is a very special place to them. They went back to The Falls for the first time a few years ago and took a similar tour to what Jeff and I took on Saturday.

After leaving Niagara around 11 a.m, we made our way on our long drive to Conway, New Hampshire. The trip went really smooth. It took a long time to get through New York, so that was a bit boring. Vermont was gorgeous. It is full of quaint villages with rivers, mountains and beautiful farms. It is a gorgeous area! We started getting close to our final destination around 10:00 last night. The girls were asleep in the van, Jeff had been driving all day (well, for the last three days really), and we were becoming really loony! We desperately needed some sleep. We laughed over ridiculous things. We laughed so hard, we were crying! Jeff had tears rolling down his face from laughing so hard! It was hysterical. We were so tired! Thankfully, we pulled into our hotel at 11:30 p.m. We were all unpacked and in bed by 1:15 a.m. Our apartment is very nice and comfortable.

As we've been traveling, Jeff has done an excellent job of explaining to the girls the different sites that we are seeing. Elaina gets stuck on new words and phrases, so she uses them CONSTANTLY! She now likes to explain to us how the water goes over The Falls and crashes into the river below. She also likes to use the word "mountains". Jeff was explaining to her last night that there was fog covering the tops of the mountains. Well, she thought he was saying "frog" so she continued to "ribbit" every time we saw a mountain, which obviously here is CONSTANTLY! On our trip, Elaina has enjoyed watching a Strawberry Shortcake movie that her friend Hannah let her borrow. It has provided much entertainment for our trip because Elaina pronounces it "Strawberry BUTTcake!" Oh dear! Emily is doing great as well. She's been a lot of fun and very happy. We are enjoying the time with our girls and MeMe and Poppy so much!

We were standing at the "top" of The American Falls where the water begins to fall over the edge of the land.

Our family with The American Falls in the background.

Emily, Poppy, MeMe and Elaina at The American Falls.

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The Knight Family said...

I am just loving reading these! Your trip sounds like SOOOO much fun and I'm so glad the girls are enjoying it as much as you are! The pictures are all just gorgeous, especially the one of your family in front of the falls.