Monday, July 21, 2008

Lake Erie and "Grapes Are Like Corn!" - New Hampshire Trip - Day 2

We only had to spend a few hours on the road Saturday getting from Cleveland to Niagara Falls. It was a really nice drive along Lake Erie. We decided to stop in Ashtabula, Ohio for a short break. We found a really nice park on the lake just off of the interstate. The girls enjoyed getting their feet wet and playing at the park. We had a good laugh because my dad decided to ignore the posted signs, so he walked out on a rock ledge in the lake. He got hollered at by the two beautiful lifeguards in bikinis on the beach. We teased him saying that he did it on purpose so the ladies would talk to him.

During our drive through Pennsylvania into New York, there were grape fields everywhere. I was really amazed at the acres and acres of grape fields we were passing, so I commented aloud, but really just kind of mumbling to myself, "Man, grapes are like corn!" Jeff was so confused by my comment, and he needed me to explain what I was saying. "You moron! Grapes aren't anything like corn!" is what I'm sure he was thinking. Anyway, I just meant that grapes in that particular area of the country are like corn in Indiana. We drive around Indiana and see acres and acres of corn. During our drive through Pennsylvania into New York, it was grapes with just a small field here and there of corn. We talked about how our good friends (Really we think of them as family. Elaina calls Mrs. Terry, "MeMaw Terry.") Terry and Terry Bright would have to be grape farmers if they lived in that area instead of the beans, corn and wheat that they farm in Indiana.

It was just another day on the road.

Poppy getting in trouble by the beautiful lifeguards at Lake Erie.

MeMe and her girls at Lake Erie.

Our family at Lake Erie.

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