Friday, July 25, 2008

Story Land - New Hampshire Trip - Day 8

The weather was absolutely beautiful today. We were so glad to finally have a FULL day of sunshine and beautiful views! We decided to spend the day at Story Land. Story Land has provided many years of memories for me, and I couldn't wait to share it with the girls and Jeff. MeMe came along, too. MeMe has very special memories of taking me and my brothers to Story Land, so it was really fun for her to share the day with the girls, too.
Story Land is a 35 acre amusement park with rides, shows, and other activities themed around children's stories. Many of them are themed around nursery rhymes, but as the years have gone, some rides and activities are starting to have a more modern storybook theme. Story Land was established in the 1950s. The rides are designed for small children. In fact, Elaina was able to ride every ride, and Emily could ride all of them but four. Parents are strongly urged to ride with their children. Families come from all over the country to enjoy clean, safe, family fun at Story Land.
It was so much fun to ride some of my favorite rides as a kid with the girls. They had a great time and were so good! You can go visit to learn more about Story Land. The history of Story Land is very interesting, and can be found on that page as well if you click on "Story Land People" and then click on "The Morrell Family." I have posted a lot of pictures today. I took 80 pictures during our day, so it was hard to pick pictures to post on the blog.

Mommy and Elaina on the Antique Cars.

Daddy and Emily on the Antique Cars.

Emily as Heidi.

Daddy, Elaina, and Mommy on the Polar Coaster - Elaina's favorite ride.

When the ride on the Polar Coaster started, Jeff told Elaina to put her hands up. She did, and she kept them up the entire ride. This coaster isn't your fair kiddie coaster. It's a pretty rough ride with a lot of quick turns and big drops. She had a blast on this ride.

She still has her hands up and is giggling!

Our family waiting in line to ride the Flying Dutch Shoes.

MeMe and Elaina on the Cuckoo Clockenspiel. No one liked this ride except for MeMe. The rest of us felt extremely dizzy and yucky. It was very similar to a typical teacup ride.

Emily snuggling up to Mommy before the Cuckoo Clockenspiel ride begins.

Elaina and Emily visiting Mother Goose.

Mommy, Emily (hidden behind Daddy), Daddy and Elaina on the Bamboo Chutes. Elaina wasn't a fan of the water rides which is really unusual since she loves water so much. Emily loved it! This was like your normal log ride.

MeMe and our family on the Great Balloon Chase ride. This ride was a ferris wheel. The seats that you sat in were hot air balloons.

Mommy and Elaina before the Flying Fish take off. This was a fast and breezy ride. You moved your fin to change the direction of your fish while you were in the air. It was very similar to your typical flying swing ride.

Cinderella's Castle and the Pumpkin Coach was my favorite area to visit at Story Land as a little girl. Today, we took and tour of Cinderella's Castle and also went on a ride in the Pumpkin Coach that you see here.

Elaina, Cinderella, and Emily. One of Elaina's favorite books is her "dress book." It is a very old copy of Cinderella that belonged to my Grammie that I always loved to read when we came to visit her in New Hampshire.

Emily and Elaina in a miniature pumpkin coach.

Mommy and Emily on the Swan Boat ride. This is also a part of the Cinderella area at Story Land. It was my favorite ride as a kid. It was very special to share it with Emily today.

Story Land has a lot of animals, and the girls LOVED seeing all of them. They were all set up in their storybook setting. Here is an example of the Three Little Pigs. There were several "storybook animals" in their respective settings like this one.

Emily having a ball on the tiger merry-go-round.

The Old Woman in the Shoe
Elaina as Alice in Wonderland.
Emily playing peek-a-boo in Alice's Wonderland.
Elaina stayed awake all day. As we walked through the exit gate of the amusement park, she was having a conversation with us. As we continued down the sidewalk to head to the parking lot, it became very quiet and she had stopped responding to us. She decided she had had enough!

Emily all tuckered out.


Hilary said...

Oh wow!! I am going to check out the website! It looks so much fun. The girls take great pictures. I love the one of Emily as heidi!!! Oh and Brookie loved her post card she has carried it around all day!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your posting! I love reading all about it each day. The pictures are GREAT! Looks like you guys are having a blast.

The Callens

The Knight Family said...

Story Land looks like so much fun for everyone! You should venture down to Holiday World sometime (only 45 min. from us!), it seems very similar in the family/cleanliness way. I love all the pictures!