Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mt. Chocorua - New Hampshire Trip - Day 5

Mt. Chocorua on a clear day. (Unfortunately, not the day of our hike up the mountain.)

On Tuesday morning, Jeff and I got up early and were out the door by 5:30 a.m. to start our hike up Mt. Chocorua. We were so excited, but a bit disappointed by the clouds that were covering the mountain tops as we got outside. We were hoping that they would clear as the morning progressed. I had climbed Mt. Chocorua once before on the Piper Trail, so this time we would be taking the Champney Falls Trail on the other side of the mountain.

I made certain that Jeff read the notice at the base of the trail on the do's and dont's of a wild black bear encounter. I was a nervous wreck! I don't remember being concerned about the wild animals the last time I climbed the mountain. I guess it's just another change that motherhood has brought to me.

It took one hour to reach our first stopping point on the trail at Champney Falls. It had rained the day before, so the falls were beautiful. By the time we reached the summit of Mt. Chocorua, we had been hiking for 3 hours. We were extremely disappointed because it was extremely cloudy. Mt. Chocorua is known for it's 360 degree views, but we could barely see 15 feet in front of us. Although we felt a huge sense of accomplishment and were still very amazed by God's creations, we were disappointed that the visibility was so poor. It also started to rain on us as soon as we reached the summit. As we started our 3 hour trek back down the mountain, the clouds started to break, and we knew that later in the afternoon there would be a beautiful view from the top.

Although the view was disappointing, Jeff and I still had a wonderful day together. Praise the Lord that we didn't run into a wild black bear or any other wild animal!

Jeff at Champney Falls on our hike up Mt. Chocorua.

Champney Falls

Champney Falls

The last 40 minutes of our hike to the summit of Mt. Chocorua was rock. I had Jeff go ahead of me so that I could get his picture. This is not the summit. We still had a little ways to go.

Stephanie and Jeff at the summit of Mt. Chocorua. You can tell that it is extremely cloudy. Yes, I do realize that I look like I've been hit by a semi truck. If my friend Hilary had climbed this mountain, she would have been all fancied up with her makeup on and her high heeled Crocs.


Hilary said...

You know me!!!! I may have not worn them, but I would have gotten a picture with them at the top. lol

love you guys!

The Knight Family said...

Love it! You do NOT look like you've been hit by a truck...that's how a hiker is supposed to look :) Too bad your views weren't better, but I'm sure it was still a fun adventure.