Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Visit with Aunt Issy and Uncle Len in Maine - New Hampshire Trip - Day 7

Today we drove into Maine to visit my Aunt Issy and Uncle Len. Aunt Issy is my mother's sister. We are only five minutes from the Maine border, but it took us about 30 minutes to get to Aunt Issy and Uncle Len's house. They now live in my great grandmother's house (my mother's grandmother). They lived most of their married life in Connecticut, but when they retired, they fixed up my great grandmother's house in Bridgton, Maine and moved into it. It sits on a hill just up from a lake. On a clear day, it is an absolutely beautiful view, but again, we had another rainy day. We enjoyed a delicious lunch and a great visit with Aunt Issy and Uncle Len.
We decided not to go to Portland, Maine today to the coast. When we got back to our hotel and turned on the news, we confirmed that it was a wise choice. Portland got terrible storms today with high winds, and there was even a tornado with fatalities in southern New Hampshire. This week hasn't been the best week of weather, but we can't control that. We've still had a wonderful time, and we still have a few days left in New Hampshire to see some sunshine!

Stephanie, Emily, Aunt Issy, Uncle Len, Elaina, and Jeff

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