Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Day of Play - New Hampshire Trip - Day 13

Today we did a lot of playing at Aunt Audrey and Uncle Harry's house. This morning we went to prayer meeting at their church. After church, we went to lunch and then came home for naps. The girls took a 3 hour nap! They are so tired from playing so much! Cousin Lucas was here all day to play with us again. He loves to catch bugs, so Elaina got to do that with him today. Emily was our little adventurer today and again decided to do a face plant right into the concrete step. She's our little climber. She has no fear and insists on being independent. She has the bruises and scrapes to show for it today. We enjoyed a yummy dinner with Cousins Robin and Donny (Lucas' parents) tonight as well.

Emily relaxing in a chair that Uncle Harry fixed up for his great nieces to lounge in while they visited.

Elaina in Uncle Harry's chair

The hill was a big hit again today!

Catching bugs with Cousin Lucas and Daddy

Emily had fun playing with Cousin Robin tonight.

More fun on the hill

Emily's scratched and bruised up face that she got from being a big explorer today!


Hilary said...

I am glad that you have had such a wonderful time on your vacation. Great for Jeff for catching the picture! Those are the best kinds. You are such great parents, all the pictures, and this blog, your girls will beable to look back and it will be like they are right back there! Love you guys. Be careful on your way home.

The Knight Family said...

Little Emmy's still beautiful despite the scrapes and bruises (OUCH!). You have to be worn out from all this blogging!