Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Visit to Great Maw Maw Welty's

We visited Great Maw Maw Welty on the farm this weekend. Alice is Jeff's grandmother. We had not seen her since Christmas, so it was a much overdue visit. She lives in Kentucky, just about 30 minutes across the Ohio River from Madison, Indiana. We always enjoy a good old Kentucky Saturday noon lunch when we visit.

Jeff's grandfather, Great Paw Paw Welty, passed away just two short months before Emily was born. Virgil was a tobacco farmer. Jeff's uncles took the farm over when Virgil was not able to take care of everything. Elaina and Emily spent some time on the tractors and "moo"ing at the cows during our visit. Elaina and Emily's Great Uncle Bob took them for their very first tractor ride.

Here are some pictures of our day at Great Maw Maw's farm!

Daddy talking to Emily about the cows. Emily is making her universal animal sound, but after a while she starts catching on to the "moo."

Elaina's telling Emily all about the cows. She's an expert, you know.

If you look closely at Emily's mouth, you can tell she's making the tractor noise.

The girls on their very first tractor ride with Great Uncle Bob and Paw Paw.

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The Knight Family said...

What a wonderful experience for your girls! I love the "tractor noise face" on Emily and I wish I could hear her universal animal noise ;)