Friday, July 4, 2008

"Happy America Day!"

Today was "Happy America Day!" We worked just a little bit around the house today and also relaxed some before heading over to spend the evening with friends. We went to Kenny, Shawna, Colin and Madison Scott's house again this year to celebrate the day. Steve, Jennifer, Jacob, Aaron, Caleb and Sarah Scott were there also. We always enjoy spending time there with all of our friends. The guys usually spend most of the time playing croquet, the kids play, and the ladies sit around and talk. It was too cool to swim today since it rained most of the morning. We left the Scott's house early enough to get back to Franklin and watch the fireworks. We wanted Elaina to see some "real" fireworks this year. We put the girls in their pajamas, loaded them up in the truck and made our way across town. Elaina was really scared at first of the loud noises. She cried quite a bit and pleaded with us not to get her out of the truck. It didn't take her too long, and she eventually calmed down and really enjoyed the fireworks. Here are some of her comments about the fireworks:
  • "That popped on my head."
  • "I like that one. It's a flower."
  • "That one's pizza. I like pizza."
  • "Beautiful."
  • "God likes those."
  • "Jesus likes those."
  • "Happy America Day!"
  • "WooHoo!"
Emily just sat quietly on Daddy's lap and watched. She was really tired and had already fallen asleep before we got to the fireworks. She had some snuggle time with Daddy. Every once in a while, she pointed to the fireworks. Elaina wanted to make sure Emily wasn't missing anything, so she would get in her face and say, "Emmy, you wake up! Wake up Emily!" even though Emily was already awake and watching.

We had a really great day with our friends and as a family. We are truly blessed and thankful to live in this wonderful country. "Happy America Day" everyone!

The girls are wearing their Fourth of July shirts. Elaina's reads, "Free to be Daddy's Girl" and Emily's reads, "I love my Mom."

Daddy's angels all ready for bed enjoying the fireworks in the back of the truck.

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Hilary said...

Awwww, the girls look so cute in their shirts. Plus I love the picture of them with Jeff. You are sooooo good about family pics. I am glad you such a great
4th. Missed you though!!